St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church
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The Story of St. Vincent de Paul Parish
OUR STORY ... Part 2
2005 - Several areas of the Chruch are repainted, and Carpeting in the Church is replaced.
2006 - The Church Organ is updated.
2007 - Exterior of the Lighthouse is re-painted, and, after many years of fun, the Sunday Night Bingo program ends.
2009 - The Church roof is replaced. Mr. Thomas McFadden becomes the first lay principal of St. Vincent de Paul School.
2010 - Parish holds a Parish Fun Day Picnic. This was the first Picnic since the Parish Festival in 2006. Ms. Denise King become the principal of St. Vincent de Paul School.
2012 - St. Vincent de Paul Parish celebrates its 90th Anniversary year. In December, it is announced that St. Vincent de Paul School will close at the end of the school year 2012-2013.
2013 - The School Building is currently in use by the PSR Programs of the Parish, and for meeting space. In September, St. Vincent de Paul Parish celebrates the end of the 90th Anniversary Celebration with a special Mass of Thanksgiving. On the weekend before Christmas, the Church boiler system suffered a "dry-fire", causing both boilers to be destroyed. As a result, the Church had no heat and limited electricity.  The temperature in the Church on Christmas morning reached 49°.
2014 - In June, Fr. Robert Clancy celebrated his 40th Anniversary of Ordination with a Mass of Thanksgiving and reception. In July, renovations get underway for a new vestibule with accessible bathrooms and a Bride's Room. Construction was completed in September. Later on, the old boilers that would heat the Church for the last 40 years were removed, to make way for a new, controllable boiler-heating system. Construction was completed by November 1st, which also included the replacement of the water pipe lines that were connected to the boilers.  One boiler now controls only the Church, and a second boiler now controls only the School building. In December, it was announced that Fr. Manning has been appointed as a Delegate to the Retired Priests of the Diocese and a full-time teacher at St. Mary Seminary. The appointment is to take effect June 2, 2015.
2015 - On June 2nd, history takes place as we welcome Fr. Ken Wallace as the 6th pastor of St. Vincent de Paul Parish.  His formal Installation will take place on Sunday, November 1st. Since the tenure of Fr. Wallace began, many items have been repaired. added and/or removed. One tree in front of Rectory was dying, so it was removed. Another tree in the SE corner of the Rectory area was removed, to make way for a much-needed air-conditioning system.    For an added sense of security, cameras were installed around the rectory.

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